It’s strange how my friends that are in relationships that have lasted over a year, are suddenly getting bored with their partners. One said to me “it’s like I’ve learned everything there is to know about him.”

I don’t think we ever stop learning about people. Just by observing them and actually *listening* a few minutes, we have learned so much about them.
Have you ever asked someone what their favorite movie is or band, or hell- even what their color is? Ask them why. Their whole attitude changes. They become passionate and their talking speeds up and their facial features change. I think in those rare moments, those moments of passion, you can truly see someone for who they are. I think that is the best way to get to know people. Just listen and watch.

One of you little hoodlums anonymously asked me to do one of these, and I have never described myself to anyone without saying a lot of “ums” and “I don’t know” so I’m gonna start with mundane, simple facts.

-my middle name is Renea. It is (Renee) spelled differently and I have only met one other Renea and at first I hated her

-I am over two decades old

-I don’t believe in using animals for food or clothing (leather = bad) (Steak = very bad) but I will admit chicken nuggets are from the gods so I will never judge you

-I am the oldest of 5 little kiddos.

-I spend a lot of time in nature but not as much as I’d like. Usually I try to channel my inner Disney Pocahontas

-I want to run through tall skinny trees and get lost and forget all of my problems

- I am a junior in college studying psychology and aspire to be a counselor or a writer about child psychology

-I can’t decide if I want my first pet to be a reptile or a puppy

-I just started playing Skyrim and I killed Alduin within three days of playing because fuck side quests

-i don’t really like other girls, they are intimidating to me and I am often afraid of being judged or scrutinized for my appearance.

- Disney holds a large portion of my heart, and no one will ever take that place

- I like poop jokes

I hope you all still like me.